Immigration Timeline

August:  Alberto Entered the United States without Inspection

August:  We met while working at McDonald's
December:  Began dating

July:  Moved in together

November:  Alberto arrested, Transferred from Jail to local ICE Detention Center, Bailed out from ICE Detention Center
December:  Discovered pregnancy, Married

January:  Hired Immigration Attorney; Lance
February:  First Immigration Hearing; requested continuance
March:  Filed I-130 & I-129F concurrently, Notice of Action: Received I-130 Petition
April:  Refiled I-129F, Notice of Action: Received I-129F
May:  Notice of Action: Case sent to local service center for I-130 interview
June:  Second Immigration Hearing; Alberto granted 120 day for Voluntary Departure
August:  Ashley Mendez was born
September:  Motion to Reopen Removal Proceedings filed with USICE
October:  Motion to Reopen Removal Proceedings Granted, Alberto leaves for Voluntary Departure, Clerk of Immigration Court files granted motion, Lance receives service of granted motion, Motion to Rescind Order to Reopen Removal Proceedings filed

September:  First letter to President, MN Senators, and MN Representatives requesting assistance
December:  First trip to Mexico to see Alberto

February:  Second letter to President, MN Senators, and MN Representatives requesting assistance, Inquiry made by Senator Al Franken on our behalf
March:  Notice of Action: I-130 & I-129F APPROVED, Second trip to Mexico to see Alberto, Visa application delayed for lack of funds
September:  Visa application filed with NVC
October:  Notice of Visa Appointment in CIUDAD JUAREZ for Alberto
December:  Deza laid off due to personal life interfering with work, Visa Appointment in CIUDAD JUAREZ; USCIS Requesting additional documentation before can schedule waiver appointment

March:  Additional documentation submitted to CIUDAD JUAREZ, Deza first day at new job
April:  Contacted Senator Franken's office for additional assistance, Phone call from CIUDAD JUAREZ to schedule second Visa Appointment for Alberto, Response from Senator Franken's office; case was stalled as of the end of March due to missing information
May:  Alberto's second Visa Appointment in CIUDAD JUAREZ, Arrested by USICE officials while obtaining documentation requested by interviewer, Signed Waiver of Extradition
June:  Alberto arrived in Minnesota, Alberto's criminal bond hearing
July:  First Omnibus Hearing; continuance granted, retrieved Discovery, Second Omnibus Hearing
August:  Brian visits Alberto in jail; Deza interprets, first physical contact in 1 year 4 months
October:  Trail Postponed by Prosecutor, Prosecutor contacts Brian to settle out of court, Plea Bargain
November:  Sentencing Hearing, USICE picks Alberto up from Jail, Lance files Bond Hearing Request
December:  Immigration Bond Hearing

January:  Continuance: Second Immigration Hearing,  Motion to Terminate Proceedings filed with USICE,  USICE files eleventh hour Opposition to Motion to Terminate Proceedings; Lance files response within the hour,  Continuance: Third Immigration Hearing,  Continuance: Forth Immigration Hearing - Morning,  Continuance: Fifth Immigration Hearing - Afternoon,  Decision: Alberto is eligible to adjust status from within the US
February:  Deza appointment with Padre Ortero,  Padre Ortero met with Alberto,  Meeting with Molly at Lance's office to draft I-601 waiver,  Motion to Terminate/Continue Immigration Proceedings filed,  I-485 & I-601 filed concurrently; sent to USCIS in Chicago via 'very large FedEx box',  Continuance: Sixth Immigration Hearing; pleadings and notice of filed I-485 & I-601,  DHS files Opposition to Motion to Terminate Proceedings,  Judge DENIED Motion to Terminate Proceedings,  Notice of Action: I-485 Application and $1,070 filing fee received,  Lance files reply to Opposition of Motion to Terminate Proceedings
March:  DHS demands additional $40 for Biometrics for the I-601,  Continuance: Seventh Immigration Hearing; Judge orders DHS to push USCIS, expedite case,  Notice of Action: Evidence for I-485 Application requested,  Notice of Action: I-601 Waiver and $585 filing fee received,  Hearing: Motion to Contest Restitution; reschedule for May 24th
April:  Graciela locates Civil Surgeon willing to conduct immigration physical for Alberto in detention,  Immigration Physical conducted by Civil Surgeon,  Continuance: Eighth Immigration Hearing; again Judge orders DHS to push USCIS to expedite our case,  Evidence Packet mailed to USCIS
May:  Continuance: Ninth Immigration Hearing,  Hearing: Motion to Contest Restitution; rescheduled for June
June:  Notice of Immigration Interview; Sen Franken & Lance,  Hearing: Motion to Contest Restitution; rescheduled for late this month,  Alberto's I-485/I-601 Interview with USCIS,  Continuance: Tenth Immigration Hearing,  Hearing: Motion to Contest Restitution; rescheduled for July,  Continuance: Eleventh Immigration Hearing
July:  Notice of Decision: I-485 & I-601 are formally DENIED,  Meeting with Lance and Graciela; Appeal or Refile,  Hearing: Motion to Contest Restitution; DENIED, Brian wishes to continue fighting,  Continuance: Twelfth Immigration Hearing; Final Order of Removal Entered
August:  Alberto is Deported,  Plans made to (re)file I-601 & I-212 after Labor Day
September:  Car problem; brakes and rotors need replacing on rear axle - $500 spend from immigration filing fee fund
November:  Lance's infopass appointment was canceled,  Lance's infopass with USCIS; file was transferred to NVC at the beginning of September,  Contacted Senator Franken's Office; filed was sent to NRC not NVC - request made to retrieve and forward file to NVC
December:  Car problem; connector on coolant hose breaks, resulting leak kills engine - $500 

January:  National Visa Center forwarded file to Consulate in Cuidad Juarez, Cuidad Juarez forwarded file to National Visa CenterNational Visa Center confirms receipt of file from USCIS; Lance is poised to investigate
February:  National Visa Center confirms they forwarded our file to USCIS California Service Center; I-130 petition is thought be be the problem, Request for assistance sent to the CIS Ombudsman Office at Lance's suggestion, Tickets purchased for trip to Mexico, courtesy of Federal Tax Refund
March:  CIS Ombudsman Office requests applicants signature to complete inquiry; USCIS is adjudicating I-601 waiver, Deza and Ashley travel to Mexico for first face-to-face visit with Alberto in almost 3 years
April:  Ashley gets very sick while in Mexico - bacterial infection in her stomach from drinking unpasteurized milk, Deza leaves her heart behind once again
May:  Answer received from CAO in response to CISOMB office inquiry
June:  Pissing match with the CISOMB over closing of the file, Phone call from the Acting Chief for the Humanitarian and Family Section of the CISOMB, CISOMB gracefully backs out by saying they can't help us for the time being
July:  Dr Lucy prescribes more medication to deal with anxiety
August:  Lance attends infopass appointment with USCIS, Letter to USCIS demanding action on our case within 45 days is sent via certified mail
September:  USCIS rescinds prior approval of the I-130 pending interview
October:  Appointment Letter for the I-130 interview received, Evidence dropped off Lance's office for packet to bring to the interview, Appointment with Lance to prepare for the interview
November:  I-130 interview takes place; interviewer is bewildered by the size of our USCIS file, I-130 petition is approved (again) and file is forwarded to the NVC to continue the process



* Dates were removed for our protection*