Saturday, February 27, 2016

The Absentee Blogger

I am beyond embarrassed about how long I have gone without updating my blog.  So here's a minor update while I get back into my writing groove:

Our I-601 & I-212  waiver package was denied.  Ultimately the reason behind the denial is all about Alberto's criminal conviction and whether it should be considered a CIMT.  We had to go through a RFE before we reached the denial stage but who the hell knows anything anymore.  They probably sent us an RFE hoping; (1) that I would still have Alberto's proof of income, (2) we would get disheartened and give up.  I had a epic fucking news flash for the bastards...  I have pay stubs, W2's, and 1099's for my darling husband going all the way back to 2001.  I had everything they were asking for 100 times over!  After 10 minutes of paging through my files I decided to invest in a decent quality scanner just to organize the documents I was locating and reduce the paper that I would bring over to Lance's office.  Instead I filled a 4GB flash drive and was told that was more than enough for them to work with.

The denial was not the end of our journey, oh not by a long shot.  We've appealed the denial to the AOA, and we are nearing the 6 month mark.  The AOA is still currently reporting the timeline of these appeals as 6 months or less so I have hope that I will know something before I turn 31 this year.

Ashley celebrated her 7th birthday with her first concussion and several hour stay at the Children's Hospital.  The total bill for the day the scooter skipped a beat and the follow up appointment came to a little under $3000.  Ashley likes to talk about how her mommy leaped over a queen-sized bed like an Olympic Hurdler, even though she didn't witness the event.