Saturday, February 25, 2012

Three Ring Circus

I am getting more than a little tired of the unscrupulous tactics employed by our government.  Why can’t they just leave us alone?  Graciela forwarded me a copy of the DHS Opposition to Motion to Terminate and I read it, knowing it would be ugly.  Boris Badenov stated in his “FACTS” section that Alberto came to the attention of the USICE after he assaulted someone with a rock then he listed each and every injury suffered by the victim.  It is ridiculous how they seem bound and determined to paint Alberto in the worst light.  They must be trying to exploit the human brain by repeating something enough times so that someone will believe it’s true.  In an attempt to cover his own posterior, Boris then filed an I-261 (Additional Charges of Inadmissibility / Deportability) with his Opposition.  What charge could he possibly add to this farce?  Well, interestingly enough the additional charge against Alberto is INA § 212(a)(7)(A)(i)(I):

Any immigrant who, at the time of application for admission is not in possession of a valid unexpired immigrant visa, reentry permit, border crossing identification card, or other valid entry document required by the Immigration and Nationality Act, and a valid unexpired passport, or other suitable travel document, or document of identity and nationality if such document is required under the INS regulations.
A waiver is available under INA §212(k) where the Attorney General is satisfied that the exclusion was not known to, and could not have been ascertained by the exercise of reasonable diligence by, the immigrant before the time of departure of the vessel or aircraft from the last port outside the United States and outside foreign contiguous territory or, in the case of an immigrant coming from foreign contiguous territory, before the time of the immigrant's application for admission.

 What the hell immigration?  You paroled him into the United States for Prosecution; of course he’s not going to have a visa or other proof of lawful entry!  He was arrested at the border because of the active warrant, and the only reason he was “seeking admission” was because you stated if he said as much he could adjust status here!  Now someone please tell me how the actions of the DHS in recent months have resembled anything slightly ethical?  Sounds like a rampant lack of morals to me, not that my opinion seems to matter.  In the future Boris and his ilk will all have to answer to a higher power, I wonder how they will justify these abuses of power over their fellow man?

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My kingdom for a shrubbery

I received an email from Molly last Friday stating that the Waiver was on its way to Immigration in a very large FedEx box.  Did she really say it was in a very large FedEx box?  I can only imagine how much they added to the information and documents I provided to warrant the use of a very large FedEx box.  I asked her to email me a copy of the waiver rather than print it, and she responded the PDF was well over 25 MB in size – larger that her outbound email maximum.  I’ll have to make time to get down to their office and have her copy it onto my flash drive then.  I’m sure it will be interesting reading.

I am getting more than a little tired of going to these bogus immigration hearings.  It always seems to me like I am immersed in a Monty Python movie and it’s only a matter of time until someone says ‘ne’. 

I entered the dismal lair of immigration hell, understanding that nothing would take place today.  The minions of evil chortled gleefully when they searched my purse and found a digital camera that had been there since the day before.  The ordered me to return the ‘contraband’ to my vehicle, feeling triumphant in inconveniencing someone.  When I returned from the brief trip to my vehicle, they demanded the reason for my visit again.  I gritted my teeth against my own hostility and replied in an almost pleasant voice that I was here for my husband’s hearing.  Pillsbury dough-boy attempted to illicit a reaction from me by pawing through my purse again.  After my purse was returned, I made a point of inspecting the contents.  I muttered loud enough to make sure one of the guards heard take stock of my belongings and state ‘good it’s all still here’.  I won’t play ball with these people, but I enjoy making sure they know I don’t trust them at all.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Keep moving forward

Friday came and went with little fanfare.  I managed to come up with an excellent idea on someone who could vouch for Alberto’s moral character; the pastor currently leading our church.  As of approximately 6 days ago, the pastor at our church is now Father Ortero, originally of Mexico.  I had a meeting with Father Ortero on Wednesday and told him the whole sad story.  He agreed to meet with Alberto in Jail and write a letter vouching for his good moral character.  He said he would even write the letter just based on what I had to say, but I thought it would be helpful to Alberto to visit with a priest anyhow.  The only downside was when Father Ortero said the Mexican man is not typically mature before they reach their mid to late 30’s, but I suppose I already knew that on my own.  I just need to talk to Alberto to make the appointment for Father Ortero to go and visit him. 

The thing I hate the most about this whole situation is when I see my husband so downtrodden.  The guards are rude to all of them and seem to go out of their way to belittle and harass their charges.  I understand well enough that more people will sign the deportation papers after a few days of this treatment, but isn’t being in jail for wanting a better life bad enough?  I know there are immigrants out there that do bad things and deserve this fate, but there are just as many if not more who contribute to society and wish to raise their children somewhere safe.  Would you punish the son for the sins of his father?  Oh wait, our government does that already.  Isn’t Alberto a prime example of a minor child brought to the United States who became a deportable ‘alien’ a mere 6 months after his 18th birthday?  I hate how these immigrants are referred to as ‘aliens’ as if they were from Neptune, instead of from the other side of a line someone long ago drew in the dirt. 


Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Not again!

I know I need to keep blogging even when nothing is really happening, but I often find myself the victim of writer’s block.  Luckily it’s not terminal. 

We received a nasty letter in the mail after the immigration hearing on January 30th.  Apparently, the prosecutor wasn’t satisfied that my husband plead guilty to Riot 2 when he did nothing wrong, and so he received an order to pay restitution.  Naturally I was quite upset, but who wouldn’t be; the amount demanded was $10,700 and change!  I called Brian’s cellphone in a blind panic, and much to my surprise he actually answered it.  I know much of what I said in the first 5 minutes was incoherent before he ordered me to take a deep breath and tell him what happened.  I took a steadying breath, and then another before I could tell him about the letter in my trembling hand.  “They can’t do this,” said Brian, “They only had 30 days to file for restitution.  We will motion to contest this.  I need you to fax me the letter and I’ll get started on this right away.”  Without a fax machine close at hand, I scanned the letter and emailed it to him.  My next question was an import one; as Alberto’s wife, am I obligated to pay this if he cannot?  The short answer is no.  At least I know that they can’t confiscate what I have to pay this ludicrous demand for money.

 I showed my mom the letter and explained that we would contest this order so that Alberto wouldn’t have to pay anything.  Almost in unison my parents exclaimed, “and how in the hell do they think Alberto will be able to pay this when he doesn’t have a job or even permission from immigration to stay in the US?!”  They were outraged at the very thought of ordering an innocent man to pay restitution for something he didn’t do.  I looked up the Register of Actions from Caña’s trial and discovered he was ordered to pay restitution although it doesn’t say how much.  Maybe they decided to attach the order for restitution for the brother most likely to be able to pay it in the long run?  Caña is set to be deported the minute his sentence has been completed.  Alberto says he doesn’t care if he has to pay it or not, but for me it’s the principal of the thing.  I am not going to allow the government, county or federal, to give my husband the short end of the stick.