Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Sick and Tired

I truly believe that a pack of wild monkeys could run USCIS better than the powers that be.  So far this year we were told our file was sent to Consulate in Cuidad Juarez for processing, then that it was received by the National Visa Center which didn’t make any sense at all.  Today may actually take the cake in regards to baffling behavior; we’ve only just learned that the National Visa Center sent our file to the California Service Center to review the approved I-130 petition.  I’ll let you read the emails I received today...

Hi Deza,

I have been continuing to follow up on your case in hopes of getting some clarity as to where the file is and when we should expect updates.  I learned today that the National Visa Center actually sent the petition to the California Service Center. The I-130 was returned to USCIS to take a second look at the petition. In order for the NVC to take back the I-130 after the return, they need the California Service Center to either issue a new decision on the I-130 or re-affirm the approval and include the proper memo noting their final decision when they send the case back to the NVC. So, this case is now at the California Service Center so they may complete this task. I have followed up with the CSC today for more information on the case and will let you know as soon as I have a response.

Thank you,

I immediately forwarded this email on to Lance and received another record-breaking 3 minute, albeit unenlightening, response.

Hi Deza,

I learned the same this morning.   It makes absolutely no sense.



I was already in a bad mood this morning after seeing a doctor; I have been sick since February 3rd with a bad cough and extreme sensitivity to smells.  I have been eating significantly less than normal because food smells absolutely revolting, and have lost 8 pounds as a consequence.  I’ve also had episodes of positional vertigo, caused by bending over then standing up, that has made working at FedEx a misery.

The first thing the doctor asked me was, of course, was I pregnant.  No, I am not pregnant and yes, I am sure.  I honestly don’t think I would be chosen as a host for the second coming of Christ.  This is my polite way of saying that I haven’t been intimate since the last time I saw my husband in Mexico in April of 2010.  In fact, the only person I’ve ever been intimate with has been Alberto.  They wanted to rule out some sort of infection so I had to get some tests done at the lab which included a pregnancy test.  I became irate and stated firmly there is no need to do a pregnancy test because the most action I’ve seen in recent years has been in the office of my OB/GYN for my yearly exam.  The technician, not knowing how to respond to my obvious upset, quietly crossed that test off the list. I felt like crying.

The quick results came back negative for anything easily fixed, so I got a prescription for something to ease the nausea so I could eat.  She also told me to get a probiotic to try and get my digestive system back on track and get some Gatorade while I was at it since the dizzy spells were probably caused by a deficiency of electrolytes (which was caused by eating way too little).

I’m still hungry with no desire to eat, which completes my essay on why today sucks.  Oh, it’s a Tuesday isn’t it?  I KNEW IT!

“It’s Tuesday: the mechanical, electrical, mental, financial, and emotional epic fail day.”
Deza Mendez


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